A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tough Choices

I'm getting closer to scrounging up enough time to order and sew a framebag for the Stumpjumper but I have run into a serious dilemma. 

What color? 

Black seems boring, and making custom gear in black seems like a shame. Might as well do something you can't get off the shelf, right? If I use X-Pac for the side panels I'm limited to a pretty narrow range of colors, and fewer that seem desirable. I would probably choose dark grey. However, if I use Cordura a world of possibilities opens up. Check out the selection at Rockywoods Fabrics for an idea. 

For an idea as to what is possible, I have been cruising around Scott Felter's Flickr to see what he has done in the past. There are some REALLY cool bags there and for some reason, the woodland camo and dark camo bags really have caught my eye. Something like this seems so awesome.

Finally, I'm putting the cart before the horse in a way here because I'd like to strip and powder coat the stumpjumper this winter and so I feel like I need to make a decision (or at least have an idea) of what frame color I would like. It would be nice if they complimented each other. I'm tempted to make a decision on a framebag color, and then choose my frame color from there. There are many more PC colors available than there are fabric colors. 

A very dark green might go well with that MultiCam Black. 

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