A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Friday, September 19, 2014

Analysis Paralysis

When I was doing this....

Analysis paralysis was more consequential, up to or including the health and safety of self and others. I generally avoided that eventuality, and despite some minor scrapes and bruises escaped unharmed from the wildland fire service. I even got some pictures of me looking painfully cool with a forest fire sneaking up behind me.

Currently however, my paralysis stems from overactive day dreaming about how to spend some cash from a recent significant birthday event. I have gone through several iterations of improvements, modifications, rebuilds, and reworkings of my current two bike stable only to arrive back at the start.

These have included:

  • A set of Compass Barlow Pass 700x38 tires (so supple) and VO Zeppelin fenders to match for the Surly.
  • Build a dyno hub wheel for the Stumpjumper with a Shutter Precision PV-8 and a light to match. Probably something relatively inexpensive like the B&M Eyc.
  • Build a full wheelset for the Stumpjumper with the set of vintage Dura Ace hubs that I recently aquired with Rhyno Lite rims.
  • Build a rear wheel using the Dura Ace hub and with the leftover cash, buy materials for a frame bag/handlebar roll/seatpack for the Stumpjumper. 
  • Powdercoat either/both of the bikes.

So it comes down to this. Sometimes I think too hard about the theoretical and aesthetic implications of these things rather than the real question; What is going to allow me to ride father in the terrain that I like and have more fun? 

I like to ride on dirt, and spend time in the woods. This requires a reliable and trustworthy bike. The wheelset on the Stumpjumper is old to the point that I don't really trust it more than about five miles from home. Especially the rear. 

Also, the rack and pannier setup that I have been using on the stump up to now isn't much to my liking beacuse it sucks on dirt. Plus it's about to rain and I'm about to have a lot more time to plan and sew a framebag.

So I think it's option four. 

As a corollary, I want to build a dyno wheel for the stumpjumper and I would like to use the SP PV-8 for the build. But, I would like a much better light than I can afford, and it seems stupid to build a front wheel when I plan on investing in a dyno soon. On the other hand, I could reuse everything except the spokes, and I have a front hub so maybe that isn't that bad of an idea either.... Damn did it again. I'll just have to make a decision and ride the shit out of it.

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