A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Strangers With Candy

S and I went up to the Puget Sound this last weekend to see my dad and stepmom. They have a house right on the water and my dad just bought a new boat. Since Coho are supposed to be on the move, my dad and I decided to do some fishing. 

I tied up some flies, including these Lefty's Deceivers. The one in the foreground I have nicknamed "Strangers With Candy" since it is a deceiver in cotton candy colors. They looked great in the water, and even got a couple hits, but I couldn't seal the deal with any fish. 

We did a little bit of exploring in new water, and my dad ended up catching a 20lb wild Chinook on his gear rod. It was a beautiful fish, and since it was wild and not in season we released it quickly rather than wait to snap a picture. The weather was beautiful, and hooking up with a fish like that makes any day a good one. 

While we were both heads down fiddling with stuff on the boat, we managed to drift a little too close to a navy submarine base that happens to be the home of all of the Trident nuclear submarines in the Pacific Ocean. We had a polite, but firm exchange with an officer on a Navy security boat who recommended that we leave the area immediately. This was a real bummer because the arrival of the Navy patrol coincided with one of my two fleeting contacts with fish all weekend and I wished I could have fished there a little longer! We decided to head out before we got into any other trouble and motored all the way out into Admiralty Inlet before deciding to head back for the day. 

After that, it was relaxation time with the family and a little boat trip out with S to enjoy the beautiful late summer weather and do some more fishing and swimming. The photo below is just post swim, after some bait showed up on the surface while we were hanging out in the sun. I got another bite here after stack mending my line straight down to about 30' in a bait ball. I think if I would have had fly with a stinger hook on I would have hooked up. Oh well, nice to know that they are interested at least. 

Using this 5 gallon bucket filled with about 2" of water in the bottom was a great way to keep my line from getting tangled while I was casting from the boat. This was not my idea, but was suggested to me by someone who has done a lot more fly fishing from a boat than I have. I was able to shoot about 60' of line this way, and probably would have been able to get more line out if there were some spikes on the bottom to keep my running line from tangling. 

We ended the weekend with a run up to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner and drinks and a sunset cruise home with the Olympics in the background. 

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