A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

En Absentia Cognito, Virtus

As a practicing cynic, I'm not big on New Year's resolutions. But this year I have a few...

Ride more, ride with more people:

Seriously. I'm hungry to get some miles underneath me.
Motivation is a pursuing Viking on a Warbird

Bikecamp/Bikepack/Bikefish more: 

A strong start with the Oregon Troutback in May and a couple of day trips this year didn't feel like enough time in the saddle and out in the woods. This correlates with resolution one, but it would be great to do a series of two night bikepacking trips this next year. It's always easier with someone else, and camping alone sucks. Bikefishing has serious potential, and solves my persistent question "What do I do when I get there?"

Shoot some film:

I have a 35mm Minolta that I don't use nearly enough and I want to shoot more pictures of bikes with people riding them. Some bikes look great without people on them. Some bikes, (track bikes are a great, but not the only example) look best/fastest/sexiest without an engine/pilot. Others look a little odd without a pilot, like my Stumpjumper. Without human, the stump is too long, too slack, and a little goofy. But, this is a great bike and looks rad when someone is on top. I'd like to get better as a photographer, and bikes alone are great, but it's the people who matter.
This is worth carrying a real camera. 

Explore some new places by bike:

Maybe not tour per se, but long days or overnights are a great way to get out and see some country. I am not opposed to driving to bike in order to see some new territory. I'm starting to think outside the geographic limitations of a day ride.

Long, rough, heavy. 

Fast, rough, light, .
Get a Flat: 

I didn't get one flat tire in 2014. Ok, that's not true. The goatheads on the Oregon Troutback made my WTB Nano 2.4's into pincushions. But the Stans did the job and I kept on riding. What I really mean is that flats, dropped chains, mechanical issues in general are probably an indication that I am riding as much as I would like to. And honestly, I love to work on my bike almost as much as ride it. 

Upgraded "Tiny Workshop" coming in 2015. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kruger's Crossing

Raced CX for the first time on Sunday. It rained an inch the day before, so the course was mud, mud, mud. The riding was harder physically than I expected, and I was gassed by the time the race was over. One of my goals this winter is to ride harder and get in better shape. 

Because I didn't have a CX tire, I picked up a set of WTB Nano 40c's. Not a race tire, but I wanted to have something fun to ride on trails and dirt after the race ws over. It handled well on the slick and muddy course, and the extra volume was nice. 42psi front, 45psi rear. 

Beginners race early. 

Special guest photographer caught the start.

And the second lap, coming out of the creekbed and into the barn.

I finished mid -field in the beginners, and got in three laps in 40min. I was happy to get cut off at three laps, I'm not sure how much fun a fourth would have been. Cross is hard.