A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Monday, November 2, 2015

Specalized Pizza Rack

Got the word that these were on the way and thought it would be a nice upgrade to the low riders on the Surly. The addition of a platform up top for odd shaped loads and the ability to mount a light were big selling points. Plus, pizza. 

The excellent parts department at 21st Ave bikes put my name on one and I picked it up and headed home to throw it on. That didn't exactly go to plan, and I quickly retreated back to the shop with offerings of pizza (duh) and beer for a little expert help. 

I think these will eventually be hard to find, and last I heard there were a few left at the shop. So give 21st Ave Bikes a call and maybe they can put your name on one too. 

Pro Packaging 

All of the pizza related cycling accessories. 


That's some classic "Tim's Custom Shit®"




Don't throw away your old tubes!