A Primitive Curiosity

A Primitive Curiosity

Monday, November 2, 2015

Specalized Pizza Rack

Got the word that these were on the way and thought it would be a nice upgrade to the low riders on the Surly. The addition of a platform up top for odd shaped loads and the ability to mount a light were big selling points. Plus, pizza. 

The excellent parts department at 21st Ave bikes put my name on one and I picked it up and headed home to throw it on. That didn't exactly go to plan, and I quickly retreated back to the shop with offerings of pizza (duh) and beer for a little expert help. 

I think these will eventually be hard to find, and last I heard there were a few left at the shop. So give 21st Ave Bikes a call and maybe they can put your name on one too. 

Pro Packaging 

All of the pizza related cycling accessories. 


That's some classic "Tim's Custom Shit®"




Don't throw away your old tubes!


  1. Escape from New York! The Pizza Rack was thankfully used for good pizza on its inaugural mission. ;-)

    Have you thought about lowering your headlight? I always hated handlebar mounted lights anytime I had a basket/rack load type things. Those Paul low light mounts (or the generic versions) work great for that.

    1. Man that's good pizza! Yeah, couldn't do anything else to christen the new rack. Worked admirably and that is not a small pie.

      Yes, I have put a lot of thought into getting the headlight lower. I loaded up my steelhead fishing stuff for a test ride the other day and with my wading boots on the front rack the light is useless.

      There is actually an M6 threaded boss right in the middle of the rack that will make it much easier. The guys at 21st said they had some ideas, and I'll probably stop in today and see what we can work out.